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How do I get awards for my web site? (part 3 of 4)


  • DigiDay Award: Another very good award. NO commercial sites can enter, though.
  • 7 wonders: Just the image alone is worth applying for. One of my favorites.
  • Virtual Promote award: Applying for this award will get you lots of traffic, so go for it...its hard to win though.
  • Webbie: A very hard award to win. Winners do get their site showcased. Good luck.
  • Star Site: This critique doesn't like java applets or unstoppable background sounds, so beware, to whom ever this may apply to!
  • Money Search: You'll need a site that has something to do with money or investing in order to be considered as a potential winner.
  • GeoCities A List: You can only apply if you're a member of Geocities. Definitely helps your site grow.
  • GeoCities Lunar Award: You will need to be a member of Geocities too to be able to get this award. A very tough one to receive indeed. Top winner gets showcased for a month, and receive 1000 points of Geo cash.

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