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How do I get awards for my web site? (part 4 of 4)


  • Eye Site: You will need to have a site from Canada in order to considered. Also has site of the week, month, and year award.
  • Ravi's Pick: Claims to have been giving out awards since 1995. I'm not sure if that's good or bad, though!
  • SmartClicks award: Most people should recognize this award. Beware, they favor their own members!
  • Cool site: This is actually not a bad award...should have put it a little bit more up.
  • Badger's Pick: Winners do get showcased, although the logo's a little too "bright".
  • Charms Award: This is what I call-"Link to me award!" Every single person receives one. In fact, save this image now and call it yours! The award maker does NOT want to review your site, so don't bother applying. Its clearly stated that you can simply grab it and put it on your own page. Okee.
  • Dorky Free awards: Ok, you're still desperate. You want an award to look good...well, here's a bunch of more free awards you can simply copy and put onto your page. No questions asked...

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