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WA's MS FrontPage 97 Tutorial



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FrontPage Tutorial Part 3
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This tutorial will give you enough freedom to do much of what most sites on the net now utilize. It consists of three pages.

Hot Spots

Step 1: (Hot Spots): Ok, what exactly is a hot spot? Well, in geology, hot spots are, well, spots beneath the earth's crust that are hot with lava...of course, that's another story. Hot Spots here are clickable parts of an other words, a hyperlinked image. One image can have many "spots", each spot containing a different hyperlink. Many sites now on the net use hot spots, because they graphically guide people around, instead of textually. Ok, here's a couple of examples. Look at Geocities. Their huge image on the top of the page includes hot spots on the right side that include links to places like "neighborhood", "information"...that logo is one image, not many.

Here's a contrasting example of the various types of links you can have:

These are textual links:

Geocities, NBA, CNN

These are image links:

. .

This, on the other hand, is an image containing hot spots:

There is only ONE image on the left,
but with many links. Those individual
links are called hot spots.

Ok, so how do you create hot spots? Well, here it is:


Get an image you want to use as having hot spots on:

So far, so good.


Click on the image, and an Image Rectangle Box should pop up.

There are different "buttons" on this small box, from left to right:

-select: the default selection. Simply selects the image you're working on. Don't worry about it.
: allows you to create rectangular hot spots.
allows you to create circular hot spots.
allow you to create polygonal hot spots.. (this is getting real boring real fast, right?)
-highlight hotspots:
highlights the hotspots on the image so you can see those hot spots.
-make transparent:
makes the image transparent...disappear so it blends with the background etc. It is my firm belief that graphic manipulations should be done with a graphics program, so we'll not discuss transparent images in FrontPage, but rather, ImageComposer.


Select one of the shapes, i.e., rectangle (you'll see the cursor turn into a pen-like thing), and position your mouse onto the UPPER LEFT edge of the part of the image you want a hot spot to be, drag the mouse, and release after you are satisfied with your selection.

Everything within this rectangle becomes a hyperlink

Once you have done that, the "Create Hyperlink" box will immediately pop up, allowing you to enter the hyperlink you want this hot spot to contain. Enter, for example, "", and this hot spot will be linked to geocities. Try clicking the space within the rectangle box above.

Once a hot spot has been created, the rectangular box, (or whatever shape you have selected) will disappear. To view the hot spots again, click Highlight Hotspots, which will enable you to see all those hot spots you have created within an image, for easy manipulation.


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