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FrontPage Tutorial 1 (Page 1 of 1)

The FrontPage editor is perhaps where most of us will begin when making a webpage. Tutorial 1 will teach you all the basics for making a simple page.

Getting started | add background | single spacing | add external links | add image | saving the page

Getting started: Upon loading FrontPage Editor, a template box will appear allowing novices to select templates for use. A template is a semi-complete page containing a specific format where all you have to do is "fill in the blank" and you're done. It saves you the hassle of formatting text and images, but it is very limiting, so we'll go ahead and do all the formatting ourselves by selecting Normal Page (contains no formatting) Although technically speaking, a Normal Page is also a template!
Example of a template:

Links Here


Title Here ie: Tom's Site

Type Body from here to
ie: .I am using a template which has a left border for entering links, a spot to include a title, a body part to enter content, a small table for organizing information, and a hyperlink so people can reach me.

Enter BioInfo ie:

Name: Tom Age: 95!

Enter email here ie:

Adding background: Upon loading Normal Page, a white blank screen should appear in front of you (gray for older version) The first thing you want to do is select a background. Right Click the mouse anywhere on the white screen, and select Page Properties. Select Background on toolbar, and a box appears. If you want just color for background (black, white, yellow etc,) make sure Background Image is NOT selected, and choose the colors you want for background. If you want an image for background, (like this page) check Background Image, click Browse, and select Other Location or Clip Art (If the image is in the clip art directory), and choose your image.

Single spacing text: After an amazing amount of mail asking for how to single space text when pressing "enter", I've decided to put it here. By default, when you press "enter" before reaching the end of a line in FrontPage editor, you will be double spaced. To single space it instead, sinply press shift while pressing "enter".

Adding external links: External links are links that lead to somewhere beyond your site, ie: Yahoo. as opposed to an internal link, ie: Home. To add an external link: 1) Enter the text that'll lead to the site. ie: "CNN". 2) Highlight the text, in this case, "CNN" and 3) Click the HyperLink Button on tool bar (or Insert than HyperLink on menu ).4) Select World Wide Web on top, http for HyperLink type, and complete the address under URL. ie The highlighted text will become blue.

Adding images: There are two ways to insert an image: 1) (If the image is on your HD): Place the cursor to where you want the image to be, than click Insert, than Image. Select Other Location or Clip Art, go to the directory where the image is, and double click the file name. (Note: When uploading your page along with the images, make sure all your images are saved in the SAME directory as the html file they are on before uploading (whether uploading to Geocities or other servers), or your images may not show once online). 2) (If the image is on a server): Click Insert, Image, select Other Location, and select From Location. Type in the absolute URL of the image location. URL is the address of where a site or image is on the web. For example:

Ordinary Image Server Side Image
The above image's stored on my site. Right click the image, than View Image to see the URL of this image. The above image is on Geocities main site. Right click the image, than View Image to see the URL of this image.

Now, this may mean you have two ways to insert an image, but for the most part, you'll be inserting images from your own HD.
IMPORTANT: Use of server side images other than from your own server location is (unless given permission), often times considered immoral, because you are "stealing" bandwidth from other sites, slowing down their site just to save yourself HD space. Therefore you should always ask for permission before doing so. One example of a legitimate use of server side images is the above GeoCities logo-GeoCities actually wants you to access the above image via its server, perhaps to prevent tampering of the image.

Saving your page: Select Save As to save. Under Save As Box, for Page Title, type in the title people will see on title bar. ie: This page has title Tutorial 1 on very top. Two ways to continue: 1) Select As File to save as a file, (most of the time you'll be saving pages this way) and find the appropriate directory. 2) Select As Template if you want to use this page's format for other pages in the future. (ie: I have not only saved this page As File, but also As Template, for I have many more tutorials to write, and I want to use the same format for all these pages. (Same borders, colors etc)). Upon choosing As Template, fill in the blanks. For Description, enter meaningful text that'll describe this template. (ie: Left bordered page). Press ok, and you're done. Next time you want to use this template, it will be in the Template Box along with all the other templates as you select File, New.




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