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Cut & Paste Time Controlled Popunder Window

Credit: JavaScript Kit

Description: This versatile popunder window script allows you to precisely control how often the window pops under, in terms of "once every x hours". For example, specifying 24 hours translates into the script popping under only once a day. Furthermore, you can modify this duration at anytime, and the script will reset itself to the new duration (ie: 8 hours instead). Cool!

Be kind to your visitors, and use this script to tame your popunder window!

Example: In this example, the popunder window only displays itself once every 24 hours, randomly choosing from a list of URLs to show each time.

Directions: Insert the below script into the <HEAD> section of your page:

Refer to the comments inside the script to customize it.

Copyright 1997-2014 JavaScript Kit. NO PART may be reproduced without author's permission.