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Cut & Paste Image Slideshow with description

Credit: Chetan M Soni

Description: This nifty image slideshow script lets the user manually move back and forth between images, by clicking on the provided buttons. An accompanying textual message of your choice is displayed below each image. Cool!



Simply download the following zip file, and follow the installation instructions below:

1) Copy and paste the script within the 'head' tag of your html file.
2) Name all your pictures using the following schema: pic1, pic2, pic3, .. ,pic25, ...
3) Then change the 'num_of_slides' value to match the number of pictures you will be using.
4) Change the 'descX' values to describe the corresponding slides.
5) Add this within the 'body' TAG: " onload='changeslide()' "
6) In the body of your html file you must add the following within the 'image' tag of the image you'll be sliding: " NAME='picbox' "
7) For the textbox for a description of the slides, you will also have to add this to the body of your html file: " <form name="descform"> <textarea name="descbox" rows=3 cols=30 wrap=virtual onFocus="this.blur()"> </textarea></form> "
8) These are the links you have to use in your 'href' tags to slide the images: First slide : " href='javascript:firstslide()' Previous slide: " href='javascript:prevslide()' Next Slide : " href='javascript:nextslide()' Last Slide : " href='javascript:lastslide()'
9) All the pictures must be in the same dir as the html file.

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