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Cut & Paste Preload images script II (with live update bar) IE4+

Description: This cool script will not only preload images, but update you on its progress, live, using an update bar (all constructed using code!). Requires Internet Explorer 4+ to work, with all other browsers simply bypassing the preloading.

Example: If you are using IE 4+, you should have seen a preceding page with the preload effect in it before arriving here.

Directions: Unlike most scripts, this one is contained in a page of its own, in which you simply save and upload to your server. Download the following page:

preload.htm (In IE: Right click link, and select "Save Target As." | In NS, simply click link with "Shift" key depressed).

Configure the indicated variables inside, then upload the file to your server. On your site, link to it in such a way so surfers go through it first before reaching the destination page containing the images, so they are preloaded.

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