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Cut & Paste Multi image slideshow

Credit: JavaScript Kit

Description: Think of it as multiple slideshows all jammed packed into one! The following script can handle more than one set of image slides. Toggle between them through text links. As an added bonus, you can specify whether each slide is linked to a unique URL. Very compact, and very cool!


Click on a book to learn about it

- JavaScript books
- DHTML books
- Flash books


Simply add the below to the <body> section of your page:

Follow the comments inside script to configure the various image paths, and optionally, their URLs.

Note how the text links are set up to launch a different slide show:

- <a href="javascript:setslide(0)">JavaScript books</a><br>
- <a href="javascript:setslide(1)">DHTML books</a><br>
- <a href="javascript:setslide(2)">Flash books</a>

The number (in red) informs the script which slideshow to load, with 0 being the first, 1 being the 2nd etc.

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