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Credits Page

~Main credits~

Creator and main operator: George Chiang (JK)

JavaScript forum moderator: John Krutsch

JavaScript request forum moderator: George Chiang (JK)

DHTML forum moderator: Matthew

HTML forum moderator: "Feyd"

Dynamicdrive forum: John Miller

~Guest tutorial credits~

Dynamic Overlay tutorial: Francis Hemsher

"Various ways to promote your site" tutorial: Jim Daniels

"How to select a web host" tutorial: IMC

"Creating Active Desktop" tutorial: Matthew Clemente

"Using Contests" tutorial: Bruce Lawrence

"Customer support and the internet" tutorial: Adam Brown

"Dynamic Pulldowns" tutorial: Matt Reinfeldt

~Misc credits~

Web host provider: Webhosting.com

Ad management provider: Spinbox.com

Link partners: Sitelaunch.com, Thefreesite.com, Dynamicdrive.com, freecenter.com, freesitex.com, htmlwizards.com, davesite.com, Elated.com, and ssanimation.com