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Cut & Paste Ticker Tape
Credit: Dave Methvin, Windows Magazine

Description: This ticker tape will scroll any lines of text you enter into it.


Directions: Simply cut and paste the script into the <body> section of your webpage. You can change the size of the tape by changing 25, you can change the speed of the tape by adding/subtracting 100.

<FORM NAME="marquee1">
<INPUT NAME="text" SIZE=25
VALUE=" Welcome to JK's ultimate JavaScript tutorial! Have fun!"

/*Text box marquee by Dave Methvin,
Windows Magazine
May be used/modified if credit line is
ScrollSpeed = 100
ScrollChars = 1
function ScrollMarquee() {

var msg = document.marquee1.text.value;
document.marquee1.text.value =
msg.substring(ScrollChars) +

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