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September 12th, 2005

Take SSI (Server Side Includes) to the next level, and learn how to apply logic to this nifty server side feature!

Learn about a revolutionary new feature in IE 5 that allows you to conditionally comment out certain portions of your page, so only the specified browser interprets and renders them.

See the techniques involved in creating a text scroller that works in both IE 4 and NS 4.

See an important- but often overlooked- factor you should take into consideration when designing your site- trend following.

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Between the major updates of your IE browser that are splattered across most download sites on the net, and months on end, this is the place to visit in between to ensure your IE is all that it could be. It's Microsoft's IE Updates Site, and it's where all IE users should check in periodically not only for feature enhancements, but security and bug fixes to IE.

DHTML is on the loose and coming after your desktop! Several companies on the net are currently working to introduce web based platforms to consumers, as a form of "home away from home." DHTML plays a big role in the realization of this virtual desktop, providing the front-end interface in almost all of the involved companies service. Check out as an example of this innovative idea in action, which provides any surfer with 20 megs of free virtual desktop space.

Turned off by your browser's default gray background? Well, if you're using IE, there's a switch to changing that. Utilizing IE's ActiveX open architecture technology, a site called allows you to choose and select from a massive collection of beautiful images to skin your IE browser. The process is extremely straightforward and fast, and in less then a minute, your browser will be sporting the latest in browser fashion!

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